Hello all, I started this blog because of my immense passion for reading. I particularly favor books by urban authors (black or african american) because they’re easy to relate to for me because I am as well. I’m a hopeless romantic so I mainly read romance novels so that’s what you’ll mainly see here. I know there is sort of a stigma of reading romance novels and the perception of those who read them but shamelessly these are just the books I prefer to read and I don’t believe that it means anything about ones intellect. So anyone seeking a so called “real” work of literature probably won’t like this blog. Call me a sap but I just love me a good love story. Outside of that I’ll definitely be doing other non-romance fiction by black authors too. I notice that reviews for these books however, are found in few blogs. So I’ll be doing reviews of them here.


It’s less than a week before Sonya Morrison’s wedding when she decides to pass her legendary little black book on to her cousin Courtney Andrews along with all of her best wishes. Courtney, who’s fast approaching thirty, thinks every woman she knows has somehow met a man who is husband material except for her. So Sonya’s little black book seems to be just what she needs. That’s until Courtney discovers she and her cousin have completely different tastes when it comes to men. 

 But just when she is about to give up and toss the infamous little black book into the garbage, she meets Lake Masters. Nearly ten years her senior, he’s a lot older than the men she’s normally attracted to, but he’s handsome, intelligent, wealthy, and a man who is determined to sweep her off her feet. But the road to love is never easy and Courtney may find that her little black book is more a curse than a blessing.

The Review:

Brenda Jackson does not disappoint with this novel. She has a knack for writing hot, steamy love scenes and and with this book she delivers the same. Aside from that I believe that the character development in this book was great. It was very easy to see why Courtney was reluctant to fall in love. Better yet, it was easy to see why it was hard for her to find any man to even date. She acquires a little black book from her newlywed bestfriend and goes on some very interesting dates. As fate would have it though she found out she didn’t find Lance through her black book. It was lovely to see her relationship with Lake blossom.

Brenda usally adds secondary characters that have their own mini-plot, in this book it happened to be Courtney’s parents. Courtney’s reluctance to be in love stemmed from her parents relationship.  Her parents relationship was a hot mess to say the least, but it sure was a page turner! It kept me wondering when and how her parents will finally let such a pathetic relationship go. I felt that this part of the novel did not take away from Lance or Courtney’s story at all. It was expertisely woven into the book.

Overall I’d give this book a 5 out of  5. As previously mentioned, the love scenes are hot and romantic but not raunchy. The characters were all definitely likeable and were relevant to the story and the length of this book was pretty decent as well. This is a definite must read.


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