The Way you Love Me – Francis Ray



Nothing gets to Shane Elliott. A former Army Ranger, now head of security for a wealthy real estate tycoon, Shane can handle whatever life throws at him—until he meets the beautiful, kindhearted Paige Albright. She’s about to inherit a fortune, and Paige’s mother has asked Shane to investigate her boyfriend. It should have been a simple, standard assignment for Shane…if only Paige’s seductive mix of strength and vulnerability didn’t leave him wanting her for himself.


All her life, Paige has put others’ needs before her own, even going so far as choosing a man to please her father. Now her mother’s mysterious houseguest is tempting her to go after what she truly wants…even if it’s the cool, assertive, irresistible Shane himself. But is he who he appears to be? And how can Paige know whether to trust her own judgment—and their red-hot attraction?

The Review:

 Francis Ray did a great job with this book. This book is an extension of her Grayson series, it’s the friends series. I love it, I haven’t read every book in it but I love what I’ve read thus far. Anyway, Francis Ray is an amazing writer and she is excellent at depicting the chemistry and sensuality between the characters. Paige and Shane had different temperaments and personalities. Shane was very much a reserved, critical and distant guy. While Paige was definitely gregarious and a little bit naive. It was still great because they complemented each other. I vehemently disliked Paige’s boyfriend but I disliked her naivety about him even more.

I enjoyed seeing Shane shed off his tough exterior to actually fall in love. The love scenes were amazing as well. Overall I’d give this book a 5 out of 5.


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