Between Lovers – Eric Jerome Dickey



With each new novel, Eric Jerome Dickey has established himself as one of the freshest and most exciting writers on America’s contemporary fiction scene. His latest book is no exception. Set in the San Francisco Bay area, Between Lovers brings together three irresistible characters. The novel’s narrator-a Los Angeles-based writer-is still reeling from being dumped by Nicole after seven good years followed by an aborted trip to the altar. Nicole grew up during their time together, and changed-she became a successful career woman, moved north to Oakland, and fell in love with another woman. But she’s still not satisfied. She likes what she has, but misses what she had, and wants to find out if she can have it all. She’s playing with fire, not to mention the feelings of the two people who love her most in the world, but Nicole lures her former fiancé back into her new life, opening the floodgates of anger, passion, pain…and refreshing honesty. How these three fascinating people handle this unusual and complex love triangle makes for one of Dickey’s most provocative and unforgettable novels.

 The Review:

This was a GREAT book. Eric Jerome Dickey is an amazing author. This is one of my favorites from him. This book book is not for those who are uncomfortable with homosexuality. So if that’s you, skip it all together. The character Nicole was truly one of my least favorite characters in all of the books that I’ve read. The girl seemed extremely selfish. She definitely wanted to have her cake and eat it too as they say. I was amazed at how far the narrator (main character) went to keep this girl who clearly was very self-absorbed. The character was so enamored with this woman and I failed to see why. There was even a point where Nicole actually got jealous of a woman flirting with him. I was so outraged by this. How could this woman feel that she’s allowed to have two partners and yet actually get jealous when she sees another woman flirting! I almost felt sorry for the narrator as well but he was not doing himself any favors either by actually sticking by such a woman.

So as you can see here this book had an interesting plot that I had me deeply engrossed. Despite my disdain for the Nicole and her selfish ways, I loved the book. It was crazy that after I finised reading the book I realized that the main character never had a name. It would’ve nice if he did though but that’s no biggie. So overall I’d give this book a 4 out of 5.


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