No More Playas – Brenda Jackson


Lance Montgomery, renowned relationship expert, has perfected the art of being a playa. His acclaimed workshops and bestselling books prove it. His most popular title, The Playa’s Handbook, caused a major uproar among black women and men, and shot to the top of the bestseller list.
Then he met Dr. Asia Fowler, a colleague whose views on love are vastly different from his own. Intrigued and unable to forget her, Lance wanted her in his bed. Instead, she found her way into his heart. Fighting his feelings for her, Lance drives her into the arms of another man. Soon after, he realizes Dr. Asia Fowler is the first woman he has ever loved. Now he’s determined to get her back. No matter what.
The Review:
 So this is another one of Brenda’s books that I read and LOVED. This book is a sequel to her book The Playas Handbook which unfortunately I have not read because I haven’t been able to get my hands on it yet. If you are like I am and haven’t read the first book don’t worry, this book was written well enough so that you definitely know what’s going on despite not having read the prequel. So let’s move on shall we? In this book Brenda painted Lance and Asia’s fiery chemistry with each other amazingly well. Asia fights this attraction because of her distrust of him, yet he persists on breaking down her defenses. So Brenda is great with steamy scenes of passion and this book definitely delivers that in this book. She even does that when she’s describing the characters kissing. It’s amazing.So of course Brenda Jackson always has other sub-plots in the book and this time was no different. So in this book we meet one of Lance’s sisters. She begins to be involved with a lawyer defending her in a particular case. I loved their story. It was just as great as Lance and Asia’s plot. In fact, this part could have very well been it’s own book.So overall this book is a great read, and I’d definitely recommend it. I’d give it a 5 out of 5.

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