Seducing the Matchmaker – Elaine Overton



As the owner of Love Unlimited, a matchmaking service, Noelle Brown’s firm has an enviable track record.  When world-renowned and drop-dead gorgeous architect Derrick Brandt graces her doorway, she’s incredibly pleased. Hooking him up will raise her agency’s profile, and give it an incredible public relations boost.  But after a few moments of conversation with the arrogant Derrick, Noelle understands why the tabloids have labeled him the most in-eligible bachelor in the city.

Derrick needs to find himself a wife – a woman who understands his demanding career.  He’s stunned to find himself captivated by the sexy siren Noelle.  As the sparks of passion heats up between them, they both wonder if their relationship is indeed the perfect match.

The Review:

Noelle and Derrick’s story in this novel is great. Elaine Overton is truly a great writer. This is one of two books that I have  read of hers and I’m pretty impressed. This plot was pretty interesting. While Noelle was trying to set up Derrick with women who could be a potential wife he’s falling deep in love and lust with Noelle. Noelle is also falling head over heels but she’s fighting the attraction in order to remain professional. So what I usually look for in a good romance novel is how I connect with the characters and how I much I feel the sensuality/chemistry between them. Elaine definitely did a great job with both. Noelle and Derrick personalities really complemented each other and I loved that too. So I’d give this book a 5 out of 5. It’s a great read that I’d recommend.


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