Up to No Good – Carl Weber


There is always a man around the corner. Church trustee James Black should know–he’s usually that man, carrying on affairs with married women and sleeping with one conquest after another. But when he suddenly finds himself truly in love, his relationship quickly generates a ripple effect of shocking proportions….

The other women in James’s church have a thing or two to say about his newfound love–including his daughter, Jamie. Only six months younger and a former friend of his new flame, Jamie has every intention of dismantling the relationship. But her plate becomes full when she discovers a mystery woman has been secretly calling her lover, Louis.

James’s son, Darnel, always swore he wouldn’t be a player like his father. His life is the picture of monogamy–until he catches his fianc�e cheating with his best friend. From that point on he spirals out of control.

James knows he’s largely to blame for the turmoil that surrounds him and his loved ones. Now he’ll have to find a way to bring peace to their lives. But he can only do it by facing some hard truths about himself and changing his scandalous ways.

The Review:

Carl Weber has to be the KING of having juicy drama in his books. There are always twists and turns in the plots and I can honestly say I never know how the book is going to quite end. For those of you that have a desire for a good book with unpredictable endings than Carl Weber’s books are for you.

So Up to No Good is just one of the many great books that I’ve read from Carl Weber. So in this book we meet James who is a shameless womanizer. I’m talking a man who claims to NEVER want to fall in love. He actually then falls in love but it’s with someone who’s definitely bound to cause a riff between him and his family. His daughter especially. In this book his daughter Jamie is depicted as a busybody who is overprotective of her family members. But of course true to Carl Weber form, Jamie finds herself in a VERY interesting situation with her significant other Louis. Jamie’s personality was truly annoying at some point. Her constant nagging at her family members to do things her way was crazy.

Anyway, Jamie also has a brother Darnell whom of course has drama of his own. Unfortunately, Darnel did NOT take the news of his fiance cheating on him well. Yes, I know what you’re asking? Who would right? Well the lengths that Darnell goes in this book to seek revenge is damned crazy! I could not believe what I was reading but it was juicy and interesting so I loved it!

So overall I’d give this book a 5 out of 5 because of this amazing plot. I’d definitely recommend it.


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