Sugar Rush – Elaine Overton


For bakery owner Sophie Mayfield life is getting sweeter by the minute. She’s managed to keep her family’s cherished business from being acquired by mega-grocery-chain Fulton Foods. And her new employee Eliot Wright is as appealing—and oh-so-chocolate-fine—as he is hardworking and talented.

But then Sophie discovers that Eliot isn’t exactly who he says he is. And she’s sure he’s hungry for only one thing: her boutique bakery’s bottom line. Now a love-stuck Eliot will have to do whatever it takes to win back Sophie’s trust—and prove that he truly is her Mr. Right . . .

The Review:

So this is another book by Elaine Overton. I must say that I was really impressed with this book as well. The theme of this story seemed to be that you can easily fall in love with your enemies. Reading that theme makes the book sound bland and cliché but Elaine Overton definitely showed this theme through a unique story. Eliot walks into a store that’s in a small town, or no man’s land as I’d like to call it with the intention of breaking down her business for good. No such luck for Eliot because he ends up walking in and becomes nostalgic of his parents old bakery. Couple that with the chemistry he had with Sophie and that man was a goner. In terms of love scenes, they were romantic and hot. So the book definitely delivered with that as well. I’d give this book a 5 out of 5 rating. It was a good read.


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