Risky Pleasures – Brenda Jackson


Although frustrated in his attempt to acquire Steele Corporation, arrogant millionaire Cameron Cody will not be denied the firm’s most attractive asset, Vanessa Steele. So when Cameron learns that Vanessa is house-sitting for her sister in Jamaica, he buys the adjoining property and makes her an offer she can’t refuse….

Cameron is determined to prove to Vanessa that he is the one temptation she cannot resist, but she is equally determined to prove him wrong. What Vanessa doesn’t suspect is that Cameron intends to brand her so deeply with his island passion, that once they’re back in the States, she’ll be the one in hot pursuit.

The Review:

I love Brenda Jackson’s work however this is not one of her best works. In this book we meet Cameron and Vanessa and their whole chemistry in this book is great. The love scenes were hot but for me there were just too many of them. It started to take away from the plot for me. It wasn’t raunchy but it just was a bit overdone for me. Also, some of the details of Cameron’s job was just too boring for my taste and that made the book less interesting as well and just over all a slower read. This time around Brenda did not add another mini-plot in this book so Cameron and Vanessa were the focal point and the only story we read about. So overall I’d give this book a 3.5 out of 5.


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