Nervous by Zane


Zane’s legion of fans can’t get enough of her way of telling a juicy, sexy story. Now, the New York Times bestselling queen of erotica brings us a tale of a woman with a split personality — one highly sexed and one sexually repressed.

Jonquinette Pierce has always been nervous when it comes to men. She took a job dealing with mostly women so she could avoid men. She goes to work and comes straight home during the week, but on the weekends her other self, Jude, takes over and goes on intense sexual escapades.

Jonquinette recognizes that her alter ego is a problem and seeks to resolve it with the help of Dr. Marcella Spencer, the psychiatrist Zane originated in her bestselling novel Addicted. Jude’s response is to get angry and go on a sexual rampage. In the meantime, Jonquinette becomes interested in her new neighbor, Mason, after having a conversation with him at a mutual friend’s wedding. Jude has no intention of letting Jonquinette fall in love and find happiness at her expense. Jude is having way too much fun using the body she shares with Jonquinette. This “two faces of Eve” scenario is a fun fantasy for women who have imagined their own alter ego behaving badly in a sexual way. But for the leading lady of Nervous, this is a nightmare. Based on a short story of the same title from her bestselling collection, The Sex Chronicles, Nervous is classic Zane with an edge. So, relax, sit back. You’re in for a nerve-tingling read.

The Review:

Ok so I mixed up this plot with Addicted. I fixed it up and now I’m giving each one the proper review. Alright Zane seldom has a plot where the focal point isn’t sex. This book would be do no different. This time around however, the book actually has a decent plot to follow. Jonquinette has an alter ego that’s causing rampant sexcapades to occur when she blacks out. She even interferes with her family life. Jonquinette is not aware of that until she comes to. So yeah I thought this plot was very interesting. It was very intrigued about multiple personality disorder. It was very entertaining and it was a page turner. This one of Zane’s books that I would actually recommend. I’d give this book a 4 out of 5.


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