The Other Woman – Eric Jerome Dickey


She works nights. He works days. Their sex is routine. Their conversations are empty. Something’s got to give. It does, when she discovers her husband’s affair. The delicate fabric of their increasingly tenuous marriage is asunder—but neither is prepared for what happens next. An unforgivable betrayal is about to yield the most unexpected results,  as a husband and wife face a challenge of trust, faith and the staying power of love…

The Review:

Alright so in this book Eric gives us yet another nameless antagonist/main character. Eric tackles the topic of infidelity in this topic and incredibly was able to portray the emotions of a betrayed woman accurately. Being a woman myself I should be on this woman’s side and of course I did agree that her husband should not have stepped out of the marriage. However, I felt that the woman was a bit unrealistic. She was a newscaster so she had to work all holidays and yes, that includes christmas, new years, valentines day. Their conversations were dry and the marriage was just dead. I do not condone or thing that her husband stepping out on her was right but I feel was just too engrossed in her work to see it, but who would be happy with such a dry marriage? Sadly the woman did not see it from her husband’s point of view when she found out. I suppose after the news of his infidelity stung too much for her to see the truth. Of course, this is all just my opinion. This was a great book and I’d give it a 4 out of 5.


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