The Right Wedding Gown – Shirley Hailstock


Samara Scott doesn’t believe in happily ever after. So when she finds a vintage wedding gown in a beautiful antique trunk, she vows never to put it on. Even if tantalizing visions of sexy attorney Justin Beckett in tux and tails are tempting her to rethink that trip down the aisle.…

Justin not only believes in marriage—he knows Samara’s the right woman for him. And with passion sizzling between them, he just has to get the wedding-wary documentarian to say “I do.” But walking her to the altar is no piece of cake. Unless he can convince Samara to trust in their love enough to take that leap of faith.

The Review:

This book had great characters, a very interesting and unique plot. However, the sizzle and sensuality that I feel a romance novel should have, was severely lacking in this book. There were moments in the book that almost had this sizzle but it fell through after a few pages. I just couldn’t connect with the characters like I usually did. The love scenes weren’t the greatest either. So I’d give this book a 3 out of 5 rating for a decent plot but it could have been better.


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