Soul Caress – Kim Shaw


Brilliant, beautiful and privileged to the core, Kennedy Daniels has spent her life trying to please her high-society parents. Then a car crash takes away her sight — and her whole world is turned upside down. In the midst of her despair, Kennedy encounters Malik Crawford, an orderly assigned to her floor. Unlike any man she’s ever known, he is honorable, compassionate and hardworking. His presence helps heal her wounds and awaken her desire. But he comes from a different world, and unless Kennedy is willing to go against her family and embrace the man she’s come to love, a future between them might not be possible.

The Review:

This book showcased a cliché love story but in a unique way. Kennedy comes from a wealthy family who would frown on her dating any man who doesn’t also come from money. Again it’s probably a cliché plot but she throws in Kennedy being blind and the story was amazing. With the struggles of temporarily losing her eyesight and falling in love that her parents look down on Kennedy has it pretty rough but I loved the whole thing. It was easy to say how Kennedy and Malik were great for each other despite coming from different upbringings. I’d rate this book a 5 out of 5.


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