Man of Fate – Rochelle Alers


Close friends since childhood, Kyle, Duncan and Ivan have become rich, successful co-owners of a beautiful Harlem brownstone. The one thing each of them lacks is a special woman to share his life with – until true love steps in to transform three sexy single guys into grooms-to-be.

A fender bender seems like a stroke of lousy luck, until attorney Kyle Chatham glimpses the woman who just put a dent in his vintage Jag. The fact that gorgeous social worker Ava Warrick wants little to do with him only piques his interest. What starts out as simple friendship gives way to cozy dinners and blissful, breathless nights.until Ava brings their relationship to a screeching halt. Kyle’s sure she’s his soul mate. But now that the confirmed bachelor is ready to commit, can he convince a woman who’s learned never to trust in love that a connection this real, this passionate, is anything but an accident?

The Review:

Ok so this is my first book from Rochelle Alers and I hate to say it but I was definitely disappointed. This book…just didn’t do it for me at all. This novel is one of three that she has in her men trilogy. There is Man of Fate, Man of Fantasy and Man of Fortune. Well this book had potential because it had a great and decent plot but the chemistry between Kyle and Ava was so dry and not hot or romantic at all. I was just not feeling it. I could barely connect with these characters. The connection was building up way too slowly for me. I couldn’t bear to finish it so it’s honestly unfair for me to give it a rating. I’ll continue to try other Rochelle Alers books. I may even try the other two books in the trilogy I really don’t like to just give up altogether on an author unless I’ve REALLY given them a try. Who knows what gems I may find. So overall this book was just not worth the read for me.



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