Naughty or Nice – Eric Jerome Dickey



Each of the Mcbroom sisters has her own problems. Frankie, the oldest, is never satisfied. Can anyone give her what she wants? Middle sister Livvy, saddled with a cheating husband, has begun an affair of her own. But her being wronged doesn’t exactly make her sideline lover Mr. Right. Then there’s baby Tommie. She was treated badly by a man she trusted. Can an older man show her what love is about?

Frankie, Livvy, and Tommie are there for each other all through the drama—and in the process, they discover what family, sisterhood, and love are all about….

The Review:

So I usually love and enjoy Eric’s books but this time I really just couldn’t get into it at all. This book had potential like many other books in terms of the plot, but it fell through for me because the characters and dialogue didn’t capture me. This is truly my least favorite from Eric Jerome Dickey. I finished the book simply because I like to finish what I start other than that it was disappointing. I won’t even rate this one. I wouldn’t recommend it.


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