In another Man’s Bed – Francis Ray


When Justine Crandall walks in on her husband of six years with another woman, she flees their home, declaring she’ll never see him again. And her wish almost comes true when his car careens off a cliff in his pursuit of her. Hours later she finds herself in a hospital, faced with a terrible choice. Will she disconnect his life support because he was a liar and a cheat, or because it’s the humane thing to do? Or…should she keep faith that he’ll revive from his coma? In the meantime, an old love reappears, making the decision even more difficult, pitting her heart against her conscience. Justine finds that soon she must choose: be with a man who truly loves her and puts her first, or honor her marriage vows?

The Review:

I love Francis Ray’s writing. I usually don’t deviate outside of reading her Grayson family series. I took a chance on this one and to me it was not worth it. Francis Ray is an excellent author but it was just not good for me. I found myself not being able to fully connect with the characters. Justine’s love connection with the other guy just did not impact me at all. The only interesting part of the story was her dealing with her ever persistent mother in law whom insisted that her son will come out of the coma. That part of the story was a page-turner! I was just waiting for her to just snap and curse her out! Anyway, I feel that it was sad that out of the whole book that only Justine’s frustrations with her husband’s mother seemed to make this story a bit decent since it was supposed to be a love story. Overall I honestly would not recommend this book. Especially if you’re new to Francis Ray’s writing, this book does not portray her skills to the fullest. I’d give this book a 3 out of 5.


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