True Love – Brenda Jackson


Corporate executive Shayla Kirkland has landed her dream job with one of Chicago’s top new firms, Chenault Electronics. Now she’s in a perfect position to destroy the company for unjustly ruining her mother’s career. But she never expected that handsome CEO Nicholas Chenault would spark a passion that challenges her resolve—and makes her surrender to the most irresistible desire….

The Review:

This is another hit from Brenda. Nicholas and Shayla have a very interesting relationship. The plot of this story is a bit cliché. Person goes undercover to destroy a company or operation and they end up falling in love with the owner. So the plot isn’t very unique, but Brenda delivers with the sensuality and her descriptive writing. It’s a great book but not one of my favorites from Brenda. So I give this book a 4 out of 5.


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